Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Updates on Lori's Cord Bound Books

So....the books will be finished before all the videos are posted. :) But this video below shows the big map decision process. Lori sent a few maps to be used for the covers and endpapers. The Turks and Caicos were little pin points of islands on the map and not very visable so I reached out to my fellow bookbinders around the world and they sent me a few maps for the covers that show the Turks and Caicos pretty well.

The video shows the map endpaper options as well as the start of the gold book which has since been worked on and really is just waiting on the end papers and map for the cover to be placed in. You'll notice in the video that only the front cover has been glued down and the spine has yet to be done.

You can see all the map options as well as my final design process when it comes to the stamps along with the maps. Lori had also sent another map but it's printed on photographic paper which is rather thick and does not crease well. I'm still debating on whether or not to use that and just put a border paper around it to sort of frame it. That map isn't shown in the video.

I'm leaning toward the map that the book is sitting on top of for the endpapers on the gold book. We'll see what I finally decide on though. :)


Sarah said...

Beautiful! Is that gold fabric you've used for the cover?

KarleighJae said...

It's actually gold foiled leather. I love it. :)