Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thoughts on Teaching

This is my littlest one, Ethan painting. I didn't have to show him how, I just had to make sure he didn't squeeze too much paint onto the painting. I let him once, squeeze to his heart's content, and he was very upset that a pile of yellow sat on his painting. So we had to scoop it off onto his palette which made him happy again. It would be wonderful if all painters could be as content when they scraped off their unwanted painting.

I've been doing an Etsy Workshop with some wonderful people in the area here. I've grown use to teaching bookbinding and so this Etsy class has been rather difficult for me. It's a learning process. I'll be teaching it again in the Autumn through Snow College's Continuing Education Program and I'm just starting to know how to deal with all the aspects of Etsy and Business for a 5 week course. I'm also contemplating a creative journaling class. I love teaching because I love seeing what others create and I learn a lot! It's been said that teaching is a gift to others but really, it's a totally selfish venture of mine.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Found the yellow book photo!

Here's that book photo I couldn't find this morning, along with a few other photos of the 9" x 12" book. For those not going by the crazy system of the U.S. it's about 23 x 30 cm.  

So many things!

So many things going on lately. Daniel went to L.A. for a photo shoot this last week. I'll have to do a post later this week on that as it made me want to get into photography.

We rearranged the apartment while he was gone. I mean completely rearranged. The boys and I switched bedrooms and I moved the studio shelving and tables around to create a better workflow area.  I wanted it done by the time Daniel got back but we weren't even close to getting it done! He's been helpful in finishing up things though! Hopefully this week it will be finished (pleeease?!!) and I'll have pics up of the new studio.

I've been teaching like mad lately and I have another three classes this week. I really do love teaching and I hope my students enjoy the classes. Sometimes, you never really know unless they flat out say "I enjoy your classes."

One of the biggest sellers in our shops right now happens to be the soft cover 9" x 12" books. We have 14 different leather colors to choose from. My favorite of these large books so far has been a butter yellow leather cover with black linen thread. I know we have a photo of it somewhere but I can't find it right now...another day perhaps.  

Friday, May 13, 2011

Raised and Inset Designs in Paper, Fabric and Leather

If you can't make it to the Focus on Book Arts Conference in June but would still like to take my class, I'm offering the class at Provo Art & Frame on Tuesday May 17th. The class is from 6-9pm.

Sign up by emailing me at KarleighJae@gmail.com

We'll go over raised and inset designs in paper, fabric and leather and let you try it out yourself!

The cost is $30 and that includes all the materials for your sample pieces you'll create and keep. The sample pieces can be used as actual book covers.

Below are a few examples of inset and raised designs.

Embossed hinges or raised spine book hinges in leather

raised design in paper on a tapes bound book

Disneyland E ticket inset into leather photo album cover

Raised circle on spine and cover of book, Inset 4 leaf clover

Raised hinges with fleur de lis

Letters of "Our Family" in French, English and Italian raised in leather on photo album cover

Detail of other side and the raised cords along the spine

Raised design in leather

Raised leather design

Raised cords and inset berries on front cover of leather photo album

Love birds raised in leather on photo album with simple raised hinges

Raised hinges and Inset four leaf clover design

Inset stamp on front cover and raised design along the spine and covers

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Central Utah Art Center Bookbinding Class starts next week!

Book Arts Class at the Central Utah Art Center
Held the following nights from 6-9pm
Tuesday May 10th
Thursday May 12th
Tuesday May 24th
Thursday May 26th
Tuesday June 7th

We'll be making ten books during the course. The fee is an amazing $75 which includes all materials and some tools for your books! For more information and to sign up for a class please email me at KarleighJae@gmail.com

The Central Utah Art Center is in Ephraim, UT. You can visit their website here: http://www.CUArtCenter.org

This ten book course includes the following books:

Single Sheet Books
Japanese Stab Bound Books
Flower Fold Books
Accordion with Pockets & Sewn Signatures
Ledger Books
Circle Accordion
Softcover Leather Longstitch
Hardcover Longstitch
Tapes Bound Book (a traditional hardcover book)

You can view the photos below. All books you create in the class will be designed, created and kept by you! The books below show the styles you will create, your books will be different as you may choose different papers and materials to create your books. Not all book structures that will be taught are shown below.

Chap Books, front view

Top view of an accordion book with sewn signatures
-An accordion book with pockets and sewn signatures-
This photo is of one of my students from the 10 book class.

A flower fold book

A flower fold book full open, showing the front and back hard covers

A Japanese Stab Bound Binding

A Hardcover Longstitch

Leather Longstitch Books

Tapes Bound Book with leather spine and paper cover

Monday, May 2, 2011

Leather Longstitch Book class in Provo Tomorrow!

This binding created during the Medieval era in Germany. This style of book lays flat when open, and can fold back on itself, sort of like a spiral notebook can. This is the style I use for my own journal!

Leather Longstitch Class
$25 class fee which includes all materials for your book! 
Provo Art & Frame 201 West Center in Provo, UT
Tuesday May 3rd, 2011
 6pm - 8:30pm
Email KarleighJae@gmail.com to sign up for this class!