Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rustic Albums, A Custom Order

This custom order was for a woman who had found some rough characters in her family history. She gathered their information, stories and photos and we made these rustic albums for her. 

We antiqued the leather by hand, spending hours stripping the original hide. We learned our lesson on that one. We'll always start with a hide that is either very easy to strip the sealant off or just use a hide that has not been sealed. We then hand colored the leather and stained it to make it look older and then sealed it with wax. The results were great. The hide went perfectly with the Rives BFK Cream paper that was used for the inside. We also printed out title pages for each person she was giving the book to. 

A note from the gift giver:

"I just wanted to let you know how much everybody loved the albums.  There were tears all round when they opened them and this with five of the six being 20-something year old boys.  Of course my 92 year old aunt and 84 year old Mom loved getting to point out the relatives they remembered and tell the family stories.  Everybody loved the leather and the way the paper and binding worked with the old photos.  I had printed the pictures in sepia tones and the finished products really hang together nicely.  
These albums are something very special and they would not have happened without your husband's and your creativity and skill.  Thank you."

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No making books today....

Daniel has the flu. So the kids and I will spend the day cleaning the house and the studio. It's nice that Ethan likes to clean. This picture is from last year and he started cleaning the windows all by himself. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Oh the things kids say....

"Mom, will you make me some cowboy boots?"

He's totally serious.

Jadon and his friend Caleb
Age 4

Monday, October 24, 2011

Custom Order - Printing on Handmade Paper

This was for a wonderful return customer. She makes me smile with her praising comments on our albums. I love getting her emails. 

She requested a yellow leather, raised hinge spine with handmade paper on the cover. After giving her a few options of handmade papers, she chose this gorgeous one that was handmade in Thailand and has plant inclusions. 

She wanted the names "Leo & Ella" printed on the cover. But, this type of paper doesn't go through the printer well. So I suggested we inset the names. I originally had planned on printing the names on natural lokta and then insetting the lokta piece. When I pulled out the lokta next to this handmade paper, it didn't go well. The colors clashed a bit too much for my liking. So I daringly sent a piece of the inclusion paper through the printer. The parts on the paper where stems and leaves were raised led to black ink being smeared across it. However, the part where "Leo & Ella" was printed ended up being just fine as it was a bit smoother than the rest of the paper. So, I cut that part out and inserted the paper with names onto the rectangle I had carved out and inset it on the front cover.  

I think it turned out beautifully and was very happy with this one.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Book Arts Supply Sale!

Hollanders Internet Sale! has a yearly internet sale. It starts October 20th and goes to the 23rd. All items are 10% off and if you spend over $250 you get an extra 5% off. 

Some items I like getting from Hollanders:

(especially love the Lokta and the Italian Papers)
(glue can't be shipped during the winter so now is the time to stock up!!)

They also sell bookbinding tools, bookboard and many other book art related items.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Raised and Inset Design Workshop at the Central Utah Art Center

Workshop at the Central Utah Art Center
Raised and Inset Designs in Paper, Fabric and Leather
86 N Main Street Ephraim, UT 
Saturday November 5th, 2011
11 - 2pm

Cost is $50 which includes materials for the book covers you will create. To register and pay for the class please email

Students need to bring:

xacto knife or scalpel with extra blades
ruler with metal edge
glue brush

Each student will create 3 book covers while learning raised and inset design techniques. To register and pay for this class please email

Examples of raised and inset designs found below.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 Book Workshop in November

Taught by Karleigh Jae Heywood

10 Book Workshop 
at the Central Utah Art Center
86 N. Main, Ephraim, UT

November 11th and 12th
9am- 5pm 
(with a one hour break for lunch)

Each student has the opportunity to create and keep 10 different books. We will cover the basics of bookbinding, but students of all skill levels are welcome. 

The ten book structures are:

Single Sheet Books
Japanese Stab Bound Books
Flower Fold Books
Accordion with Pockets and Sewn Signatures
Hinged Ledger Book 
Circle Accordion
Softcover Leather Longstitch
Hardcover Longstitch
Tapes Bound Book ( A traditional Hardcover Book)

Each student needs to bring:
An xacto knife (or scalpel) with extra blades 
A Pencil
A metal edged ruler
Glue Brush (PVA glue will be provided)

All other materials and tools are provided.

The workshop fee is $100 which includes all materials and some bookbinding tools.
 This class has a maximum of 15 students.

To register and pay for the class please email

Examples of 7 of the ten book structures are found below. Each student's will be unique as we use papers and materials  from all over the world. 

Chap Books, front view

Top view of an accordion book with sewn signatures
An accordion book with pockets and sewn signatures-
This photo is of one of my students from the 10 book class.

A flower fold book

A flower fold book full open, showing the front and back hard covers

A Japanese Stab Bound Binding

A Hardcover Longstitch

Leather Longstitch Books

Tapes Bound Book with leather spine and paper cover

Monday, October 3, 2011

Workshop- Inset and Raised Designs

Raised and Inset Designs Workshop

Taught by Karleigh Jae Heywood

Each student has the opportunity to create 3 book covers with Paper, Fabric and Leather. Each book cover will have an inset or raised design of their choosing. Raised and Inset designs on spines of books are also demonstrated and discussed. 

Each student needs to bring:
An xacto knife (or scalpel) with extra blades (no utility knives)
A Pencil
A metal edged ruler
Glue Brush (PVA glue will be provided)

All other materials are provided.

This class has a maximum of 15 students.

Examples of Inset and Raised Designs are found below.

If you would like this workshop taught where you live please email me with your request. Cost depends on location and the percentage  of funds used for rental or institution fees. 

This class has been taught in Provo, UT at Provo Art & Frame May and September 2011 as well as at the Focus on Book Arts Conference in Forest Grove, Oregon June 2011 and at the Central Utah Art Center in December of 2011.