Monday, October 3, 2011

Workshop- Inset and Raised Designs

Raised and Inset Designs Workshop

Taught by Karleigh Jae Heywood

Each student has the opportunity to create 3 book covers with Paper, Fabric and Leather. Each book cover will have an inset or raised design of their choosing. Raised and Inset designs on spines of books are also demonstrated and discussed. 

Each student needs to bring:
An xacto knife (or scalpel) with extra blades (no utility knives)
A Pencil
A metal edged ruler
Glue Brush (PVA glue will be provided)

All other materials are provided.

This class has a maximum of 15 students.

Examples of Inset and Raised Designs are found below.

If you would like this workshop taught where you live please email me with your request. Cost depends on location and the percentage  of funds used for rental or institution fees. 

This class has been taught in Provo, UT at Provo Art & Frame May and September 2011 as well as at the Focus on Book Arts Conference in Forest Grove, Oregon June 2011 and at the Central Utah Art Center in December of 2011.


Lizzie said...

Oooo I want to come and do this course!!! I've made some books with inset and raised designs, but nothing as splendid and amazing as these examples.
However, even though I had a good summer of sales, I haven't made enough for an air ticket to Utah, so I'll just have to keep practising here at home!
Those books are fabulous!

Karleigh Jae said...

Well Lizzie, I'll just have to come to the UK to teach the workshop. Do you recommend any good places that offer community art classes? :)

Sara said...

These books are beautiful. I too would love to do this course if you decide to come to the UK!