Friday, August 23, 2013

Personalization Options

Below are options* for personalization in our handmade books.
*Options are something to discuss with us prior to purchasing a book.


Custom Printing on Paper Covers
Names printed on a natural lokta paper cover. This handmade paper wears beautifully and takes ink well. Other colors of lokta can be printed on. Please contact us with paper color request for availability.

Raised or Inset Designs on Cover
This design is only available with our antiqued lambskin leather.
However, the letters can be done with our rustic cowhide leathers as well.

This design is only available with our antiqued lambskin leather.
However, the letters can be done with our rustic cowhide leathers as well.
Raised letters or words are available on our hardcover books.

Inset Items

Stamps, maps, photographs and ephemera can be inset into the cover of our hardcover books or we can even do inset designs like the arrow below.

Burned Name, Words, Dates & Designs
We do this by hand with a burner, not with stamps. So really, we can do anything as long as it's drawable and works well with the leather. When leather burns, it's sometimes unpredictable so the more detailed the design, the more mistakes might occur and the more costly it might become. Initials, dates and small symbols are easily done. Images must be in line format (no silhouettes) like the faces below. Burning is done on our rustic cowhide leathers only.  

Title Pages
The title page can say whatever you'd like. If needed, we design it and email you an image of the title page for proofing before we print.

Binding Styles

Below are four binding styles that are very popular with our custom orders. These four styles allow the pages to open flat. They're great to use for sketchbooks, journals, photo albums, guest sign-in books and portfolios.

Cordbound books date back to the 5th Century A.D. but became popular during the 12th century. This style of binding lies flat when open and has an old traditional feel.

Rounded Spine Hardcover
Can be made with or without embossed hinges. This style is similar to a typical hardbound book, however, it has a hollow spine which allows the pages to open flat. This style can be made with or without raised hinges on the spine.

Coptic Stitch 
The coptic stitch was first used in the 2nd century A.D. and was used continuously until the 19th century when it became a rarity. The coptic stitch has many variations and is common today among small bookbinding shops. The style we use is the Ethiopian double needle coptic stitch. This variation is slightly more stable than other coptic variations. This stitch allows the pages to open flat and creates a beautiful chain stitch on the exposed spine of the book.

This binding created during the Medieval era in Germany. This style of book lays flat when open, and can fold back on itself, sort of like a spiral notebook can. These books can be made with or without a wraparound front cover. They can be made with an attached tie (first 2 photos), or slide ties (photo 4) or without a tie.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Paper Options

Text Paper
The text paper used in our journals and sketchbooks is a text weight 80lb Smooth soft white paper.  Typical writing paper is 24lb. I prefer using the 80lb because of it's wonderful feel. It keeps the ink from showing through the page so both sides of a sheet are usable. It's great for ink, graphite and mild water mediums.

This paper can be cut with a deckled edge or a soft straight edge.

Text paper with a deckled edge
Text paper with a straight soft edge

Line and Graph Paper
We print our own lines and graphs on our favorite 80lb smooth soft white text weight paper.

Lined Paper

Graph Paper

The photographed images below are from where we purchase these types of paper.

Zerkall Nideggen
Mouldmade in Germany
sand color
Great for ink and dry media.
cotton and high alpha cellulose blend

Rives BFK

Rives BFK is Mould made in France at the Arches Mill.
 It is 100% cotton, has a vellum surface and is internally sized.
Perfect for ink and dry media.
Great to use as portfolio or photo album pages as well because of the page thickness our most popular photo album pages though are the Rising Stonehenge.

Rives BFK in White
250 gsm

Rives BFK in Buff (a light cream) 
280 gsm

Rising Stonehenge
Our Standard Album Paper!

Rising Stonehenge is acid free and 100% cotton. Mould made in America with natural deckle edges and a smooth eggshell texture. Suitable for dry and mild wet media. This paper also works great in photo albums and portfolios because of the thickness of the paper. 

Rising Stonehenge in White
245 gsm

Rising Stonehenge in Tan Fawn 
245 gsm

Rising Stonehenge in Black

Watercolor Paper
We currently keep Canson in stock. If you prefer a hot or cold press arches we can custom order it for you. 

Canson Montval Watercolor Paper 
140lb (300 gsm)
Made in France
100% high alpha cellulose
internally sized

Have a paper you absolutely love and would like bound in a book? Contact us for a custom order!