Monday, March 1, 2010

Custom Orders and Sneaking

I was able to work a little bit on custom orders today. I received the final maps for Lori's Cord bound books and so those will be underway this week which means more videos of cordbinding coming up. I wasn't able to finish everything I've wanted to do today but I got sucked into the world of blogging and reading other people's wonderful posts about this and that. It's amazing how fast the time goes when I'm reading about new things. I'm almost finished with a wonderful book and I'm suppose to return it tomorrow so I might have to stay up a little longer tonight to finish that. I'll post about that tomorrow for your book review enjoyment. Tonight I made hot fudge pudding cake with Jadon after Ethan went to bed. I love making things with him because when he sneaks finger licks of batter he tells me that he "sneaked" and he knows the exact moment to ask for the spatula at the end of use so he can lick it off. While we were waiting for that to bake we watched videos on vimeo. This one below was his favorite and I'm sure he'll ask to watch it again tomorrow.

My Father's Garden from Mirko Faienza on Vimeo.

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