Saturday, March 13, 2010

Custom Books, Instyle Weddings and Sleeping Beauty

I've been working on a few custom orders this week. Lori's cordbound wedding books should be finished this next week and I'll have videos/photos of that to post as I know some of you would like to see them.

A quick view of the things I've been working on:

I did a photo album for a recent bride and she wanted two small wedding albums to match so she could give them to her parents and her husband's parents. They were just smaller versions of hers and I got to use my woodburner to do the wedding date on the straps.

This baby album was a custom order that I finished today. It's now listed in my shop as a possible custom order purchase. All these books will be one of a kind but the listing is for a similar book. I love. Love, this book. I think it's because it has all my favorite things: BFK pages, spacers so you can add stuff, leather embossed hinges, lokta paper AND the fun elephant paper. It really makes me want to start a book for my kids but, I have no where to put it so that will have to wait.

This is also a tapes bound book which I'm teaching for the last class in Ephraim, UT. I hope the students in my class are all excited to learn this because it's really a fun book to make and you can do so many different things with it.

AND....TA DA! Here is my photo album in the INSTYLE WEDDING Winter 2010's issue! Hooray!

That's my name in the lower left in the big orange circle with my etsy shop address. I went grocery shopping today and the lines were really long and I looked over at the magazine rack and saw this issue. I picked it up and skimmed through it seeing only wedding dresses (seriously, 95% of the magazine) and I saw a few pages with cakes and invitations on them. I put the magazine back and put my groceries on the conveyor belt. I still had a bit of waiting time and my three year old was busy looking at cinderella cell phones by the check stand (why don't they have anything for boys at the checkout?) I picked the magazine up again and went quickly to the page that my album was on. I was so excited to see it in print! 

Today, I also watched Sleeping Beauty with my son Jadon and this is the first time he actually made it through the whole movie. He usually stops watching when she touches the spindle. I realized that it's because he doesn't really know what's going on and it's a bunch of goblins and running for your life kind of scenes. So, I sat and explained what was going on through the last half. He picked up on the weirdest things like how the sword isn't just a regular sword but it's a sword of truth. And he also kept asking where the wicked witches bird was when it wasn't on screen. That bird was a VERY important part of the show. Seriously, if the bird hadn't warned the wicked witch, then no one would have known Prince Philip was getting away and he would have reached Princess Arora and they'd be alive and well again but so would the evil lady. And we would have never had the fight scene with the evil witch turned dragon that had all the powers of hell and I would never have gotten to hear Jadon say "What happened to the dragon, did it die?"  without me telling him what happend. I think that's the only moment during the second half that he understood. 

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