Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Portland Book Art Workshops- Take the Poll!

Portland Book Art Workshops will be held at 23 Sandy Gallery, June 4th - 6th, for 3 different workshops:

1- Raised and Inset Designs in Paper, Fabric and Leather

2- Exposed Stitch Bindings which includes: An Accordion Spine with Sewn Signatures, Ethiopian Double Needle Coptic Stitch and Anne Goye's Secret Belgian Binding

3- Traditional Cordbound Books using Modern Methods

More information will come within the week!
We have time for another workshop (or two) while we are in the Portland area.

Help us decide which workshop we should set up by taking the poll on the right. If you're in the Portland area and would like to attend a workshop, make sure to sign up for our Newsletter to receive all the information for registering!

Information about the workshops in the poll

Archival Tea Staining: Sure the Tea Staining looks great but tea is acidic! Learn to create beautiful tea stained paper in a variety of methods while still maintaining archival quality.

Antiquing Paper + Leather: Create beautiful old looking books with new materials. Old books are lovely but most often are not sturdy. This workshop will show you how to antique the materials you work with to create an old world look on your newly bound books.

Creative Boxes: During this workshop we create a clamshell box and then discuss different ways to construct boxes including, shelving, trays and a variety of shapes.

The 10 Book Workshop: Each student has the opportunity to create and keep 10 different books. We will cover the basics of bookbinding for beginners, but students of all skill levels are welcome. This is a 2 day workshop.

The ten book structures are:

Single Sheet Books
Japanese Stab Bound Books
Flower Fold Books
Accordion with Pockets and Sewn Signatures
Hinged Ledger Book
Circle Accordion
Softcover Leather Longstitch
Hardcover Longstitch
Tapes Bound Book ( A Traditional Hardcover Book)


Anonymous said...

Simply amazing books! I saw this through a friend, Jim Heywood. I love the look of these!

Matt Mitchell, Chester, UT

Karleigh Jae said...

That Jim is a pretty good guy. I'm married to one of his son's :) -- Thank you for your kind words. We have a kickstarter project in the works to fund a bookbinding video we're planning. If you're interested you may check it out here:

Even if you're not interested, if you think it worthy of sharing it may help us reach our funding goal. :)

I'm also teaching a live Ten Book Workshop that starts Tuesday May 13 in the evening at Snow College. Details on this page: