Saturday, February 11, 2012

Text Paper for Bookbinding in Australia?

I had someone email and ask me where to find great text paper in Australia.

"I'm trying to find a natural/cream coloured paper thats good for the text paper inside the book, but Im not sure what type to get!!
Ive been researching the different types, but that just sort of confused me further!

I bought a bookbinding kit from Hollanders, and inside that was Somerset paper, but when I looked it up, its really very expensive.
I'm going to be making 10 books (5 x A4 and 5 x A5 - Not sure what size that it is inches), so I need quite a bit of paper and I cant be spending $5 a sheet."

If you have any suggestions, please comment and help her out! Thanks!



ronnie said...

ahhhhhh the big 'where to find stuff in australia' question.....

now you'd think with the strong aussie dollar we in aus could snap up bargains....but no

its actually very tricky to get most art supplies in aus, not to mention v. expensive at times. If you live outside Sydney or Melbourne, mail order is your best bet - for NSW folk: Wills Quills has brilliant oriental paper, Amazing Paper has a good range of bookbinding text (and bookbinding gear) - but Melbourne has the better range and prices for paper - try Melbourne Etching Supplies, Neil Wallace or Magnani Paper (who only sell Magnani paper - but is good! is good!)... (ps you can purchase paper samplers from most of these folk and from there you can make a choice)

hope that helps
cheers from oz

Anonymous said...

What sort of gsm is good for text paper?

Louise said...

Try either Oxford Art Supplies (they will tell you where to go if they don't have what you want) or Winterbottom. Both will lead you in the right direction.

papergail said...

I like using Hahnemuhle that is something like 130 gsm. I buy large sheets from Neil Wallace (Neil's Art Supplies , Fitzroy, Vic) and I tear with a kitchen knife into smaller pieces a bit smaller than A4 & 5. Neil has a sale every summer, might still be on. Not nearly as nice but a fair bit cheaper is cartridge that I buy from Zart Art in Box Hill, Vic.

Karleigh Jae said...

We like 118 gsm for our text paper. Seems just about right for us.

Karleigh Jae said...

Two emails that were sent to me have great info as well. I forwarded to the inquirer but in case anyone else in Australia is looking for paper, here they are:

here in australia, there are a few large paper houses, and they often import u.s and european papers...
the 2 main ones i deal with are k.w doggett and raleigh

doggett's stock one called conqueror. it comes in smooth, texture and concept. the concept line i don't bother with ; they are pastel-y, with a slight metallic look, a bit scrap-book-y ...

the ones i do use for my own books are 'smooth wove - high white' ( it is a warm, slightly off white ) it comes in 90, 100,220,300 gsm
and also 'texture laid' ( also in high white - 90, 100,120,220,300 gsm ), the wove texture is not heavy, and is on 1 side of the sheet.

both kinds of conqueror are acid free, pulp from managed forests...

doggett's also stock one called 'knight-vellum'

i think it's cheaper than the conqueror, and i buy reams of it for my students to use ( the last time i bought some, sheet size of 650 x 920mm, long grain, i paid AU$136.40 for 250 sheets. it's great for writing and drawing, but not so good for watercolor ... )

raleigh stock similar products; their comparable product is 'strathmore writing', comes in smooth and laid, but only 2 weights ( ?? ) - 90 and 238gsm.

hope that helps a bit...let me know if you need help sourcing anything...

cheers, phil (Phil Ridgeway of )


Zetta Florence in Sydney and Melbourne is great for both decorative and archival papers. Not cheap, but certainly not $5 a sheet..

Melbourne Etching Supplies also has papers, but they can get a bit more pricey.