Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Bonefolder's Final Issue

The Bonefolder, an e-journal for the bookbinder and book artist was an online periodical that was started back in 2004 and was published as a free download via the internet. The last issue was released in January 2012.

It's sort of like washing your car and then it rains. I just got a new computer that could handle downloading the Bonefolder Issues and now they've stopped publishing them. I will admit that I was a tad heart broken.

However, Peter Verheyen gives us hope for keeping things alive like the Bind-o-rama and the Book Arts Web. You can listen to an interview about the closing of the Bonefolder with Peter Verheyen and Karen Hanmer who was an editor for the Bonefolder. It was nice to hear Karen's voice again and put a smile on my face after the slightly devastating news of the release of the final issue.


Lizzie said...

Aww.. and just when I had finally discovered its existence...
Do you suppose that had anything to do with them closing the magazine?

Karleigh Jae said...

Haha, perhaps. They did put out a call for volunteers to help with The Bonefolder but there weren't very many responses. I think a lot of people love it but weren't willing to put the time into it that it needed.

Good news though LIzzie, is that all the past issues are still available for download!