Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Handmade paper on handmade books is lovely.

New photo album in the shop! This photo album holds quite a lot of photos. You can use photos corners or glue the photographs right into the book. There are no plastic sleeves just beautiful paper.

This is the back of the book (just as lovely as the front) which has a soft brown leather spine with embossed hinges.

This shows the inside covers. Beautiful paper!


This photo shows the glassine interleaving between the heavier pages. The glassine is meant to keep your photos from sticking together when placed on facing pages. 

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Sonya said...

Hi there KJ,
I am desperately seeking a supplier of the glassine interleaving you show in these photos, as the supply I have is old and fast running out.

Any suggestions? I'm in Australia, but will import if necessary.