Monday, June 14, 2010

I cut the paper for my books with a butter knife. Seriously.

Daniel took this photo of me a few years ago. I'm tearing down pages for a book at the kitchen table. You can see the bonefolder and the non serrated butter knife that I got from the thrift store. This is how I cut my paper down for years. Last year, I called around to a few places to price out paper and found a company I could buy wholesale from. I was talking with the salesman on the phone while he looked up prices for me. So he was just making conversation as the computer was loading the information for 1000 sheets of Mohawk Superfine that are 25" x 38"

Salesman: We usually deliver to large companies. You say you're out of your home?
Me: Yes, I sell handmade books online and I just work from my home.
Salesman: What do you use to cut down all that paper?
Me: I cut it at my kitchen table with a butter knife.
Salesman: (after a pause) I'll have to call you back since I don't have the prices right on hand.

He never called back. It wasn't until later that I figured out that he probably thought I was a prank call or something. I found a different company to work with though and I'm very pleased with them.

I've also recently switched over to a tear bar and I've been so happy with it! I still use the butterknife occasionally but I could never go back to make hundreds of books with it again.

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