Monday, June 21, 2010

Antiquing Maps

When I did Lori's Books, the map for the cover didn't fit with the rest of the book. So I antiqued the map to make it look older. I used distilled water and acrylics and brushed a thin layer (as thin as watercolor) over the top of the map. I liked the cover insets so well that I decided to do the same antiquing on the end papers on the inside.

I did a large sheet of it but this was a left over piece that I used for a pocket on the back inside cover. It held the colophon for the book. This photo below shows the paper before I cut out the pocket. You can see the difference of the bright blue paper and the antiqued greener (beautiful,beautiful) paper.

I may never be able to use this paper again without antiquing it first!

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Useful Books said...

Why do you continue to put these things in my head? Why? Why? I was perfectly content with the lovely blue maps before. Sigh. Seriously? Very nice. :)