Wednesday, June 2, 2010

200 Books in Two Weeks...phew!

We did a booth at a local festival this last weekend. My original guess of how many books we'd need was 800. I figured that we could fit 8 shallow boxes of books on two tables and leave room for Eric (brother-in-law) to put his paintings on the other side of the tent. The shallow boxes ended up only fitting about 40-60 books per box instead of 100. And we ended up with less table space than I thought. In the end, we ended up with just over 200 books.

We made 200 books in two weeks! Yes, we did. The festival wasn't the greatest venue and we only made a handful of sales but Eric did really well with his paintings and prints. You can see some of his work on Daniel's blog here.

I've been super busy lately with this festival bookmaking, teaching bookbinding classes, organizing a collaborative book arts project, taking care of the Etsy shop, custom orders and being a mom of two cute but sometimes crazy boys.

As I was making dinner last week (after a full day of cutting paper and chasing after little boys) I opened a can of tomato sauce and this is what happened.

Yes, you may laugh. I did. And Daniel had to take a photo because that's what we do. Laugh and take photos.

I only sort of wish life would slow down but not really. I enjoy the busyness of life, even if it sometimes throws tomatoes at me.


Lizzie said...

Well, after I heard that you'd made 200 books in a fortnight, I was wondering if you ate or slept in your house. The Tomato Sauce photo has at least reassured me on one point!
Great photo and well done on making all those books - I think I've done well if I manage four a week!

Jessica said...

Hey! We were wondering if you'd be interested in doing a guest post over at Or So She Says....( and participating in our June giveaway? I love your Etsy shop! If you are interested, email Jessica at

Kisa said...

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minusplusminus said...

lovely picture! love your shop and blog!