Friday, January 22, 2010

A Really Big Book

I love really big books. Last night I finished a 9" x 12" book and it's now listed in my shop for purchase :)

I already have pages cut for another 9 x 12. This week I've been making longstitch books. My shop ran really low on them because of the Holiday Shopping Season. Next week I will be making Cord Bound Books and I'll show more progress on Lori's 9 x 12 Cord Bound Books and show you the process of it. :)

My husband Daniel takes the photos of the books in my shop; that's his hand in the photo.


Lizzie said...

It looks lovely! I made myself a "Bookbinding Journal" last weekend. That is nice and big - 9x12" or so. It has a cover of dark blue, marbled paper. I love it.
I would like to try longstitch bindings - I haven't done any yet. This weekend I went on a bookbinding and printmaking course. I was shown how to make a "proper" traditional case-bound book, from scratch, in the correct way. I finally understand why I had problems with the spine on some of my attempts (not in my shop!!).
The cover of your book is fabulous - it looks very tactile.

KarleighJae said...

Thanks Lizzie! The longstitch binding is really fun and I love the feel of it. I also love it because it opens flat or even more than flat as you can actually fold it in half backwards, if that makes sense :)