Friday, July 1, 2011

Teaching and Traveling

I taught at the Focus on Book Arts Conference last week. So. Much. Fun.

Two of my room mates and fellow teachers gave me a total ab workout from laughing so much. Thank you Karen Hanmer and Peggy Johnston for the constant laughs and wonderful inspiration.

I taught a class on Raised and Inset Designs. The students created beautiful book covers. Here are a few snapshots of the class.

Ok, this isn't really from the class. It's just one of the samples I created for it. The gears were raised on the leather spine and the metal gears on the paper were to be placed in the inset on the book cover. The leather is being antiqued at this point.

Beautiful orange bookcloth with inset metal medallion.

The zebras were inset on the bottom and the raised design on top mimics the zebras stripes.

Action snapshot of the classroom.
I'll update again with more photos and telling tales from my trip.

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Amoniel said...

Very cool :) Looks like a lot of fun!