Monday, April 11, 2011

How to Sell Your Handmade Items Online

Would you like the following class taught where you live?
Contact me at for more information.

etsy class
Sell your artwork or handmade items on
Small business basics and how-to’s of selling on for those who have an etsy shop or those who want to start one!
Snow College
April 27th - May 25th
Wednesday Nights 
6pm - 8pm
(It’s ok if you need to miss a day)
Class Fee $50 
Register with Wendy Sanders 
(435) 283-7320

This class covers the basics of starting a small business from home. We cover the how-to's of setting up shop, creating great photos and marketing. The class is focused on your own shop and working to build your own business. This course if for those who want to start an Etsy shop or for those who already have and would like more guidance on their specific product marketing. 

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