Monday, April 18, 2011

Coptic Stitch Class at Provo Art & Frame

I'll be teaching the Ethiopian Coptic Stitch at the studio above Provo Art & Frame. The class goes from 6 - 8:30 pm and the $25 class fee includes all the materials you'll need to make your book. You'll design, create and keep your own book!

The coptic stitch book will open flat for maximum use of the pages. It works great for sketchbooks, photo albums and journals. It's also a nice book for recipes because you don't have to hold it open while cooking in the kitchen and it works great as a wedding guestbook too.

If you'd like to attend the class, please sign up by emailing me at

Please bring the following tools:

Cutting mat (or old magazine to cut on)
x-acto type craft knife or utility knife
Metal Edge Ruler
Bonefolder (available at Provo Art & Frame, ask or a student discount for taking my class)


Chris Moulton said...

looks like an ice cream sandwich. i like it.

Rob Ross said...

Wow, that's going on my list of books to make when the semester is over!

Kate said...

What day?

Unknown said...

Im from San Diego, CA,
Any Possible way I can learn how to do this?

Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

Justin, Yes! We're switching our website right now and transferring it to a new provider which will give us a better platform for sharing more stuff. A coptic stitch tutorial is set for release on our website this month (March 2014). It will be free and we'll have kits to purchase if you need one. We'll also have instructions on how to find materials and do your own measuring for them so you don't have to buy the kits, it's just easier for some people who aren't close to any type of art/bookbinding store. We'll send out a newsletter right before the launch of the Coptic Stitch Tutorial so if you'd like to get an email notification, you can sign up for that.