Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bookbinding Now: Have you been listening to these podcasts?

I have. And I think they are absolutely wonderful. We live in the middle of the rural Western United States and I must say, there are not many bookbinders in our area. For me to be able to connect to other bookbinders through the internet is such a blessing!

My newest love has been Bookbinding Now which is a series of interviews with people who are involved in anything book art related. I find myself connecting with certain book artists and saying out loud, "Me too!" or "That's exactly how I view my own approach to books."

Visit Bookbinding Now to listen to past interviews and upcoming ones. They come out every other Wednesday. I look forward to each of them!

A big thanks to Susan Mills for her wonderful contribution to the book arts world with Bookbinding Now. You can also make a donation to Susan for these amazing podcasts which will help to keep them coming!

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Anonymous said...

I love Susan Mills, the hostess. I've taken a couple classes with her at the Center for Book Arts. Her work is amazing.