Monday, May 28, 2012

Name Change

We've been blogging slackers the last few weeks, but we plan on changing this in the next few days with more Bookbinding 101 posts. For now, some biggish news. For us any way. While our shop and blog have been called Karleigh Jae after the instigator of all this bookbinding madness adventuring these last few years -- selling books online since 2008 -- we're making a name change. We're now Badger and Chirp, with the following being our working logo (bound to change, of course).

It really has been a team effort between both Karleigh and Daniel since the very beginning. In the beginning it was mostly Karleigh making the books, with Daniel doing some of the binding, while putting more time in on the business and marketing side of things. But it was Karleigh's show, and Dan's role grew until now (for some time now, really) we both do a good share of the bookbinding. All along we've both wanted to reflect the fact that we both run the shop, and write the blog, and finally (finally!) we've settled on a name. With etsy's recent-ish-ly allowing shop owners to change their shop names, this allows us to more easily implement the change we've wanted to make for a while now.

We will be changing the blog name to match, and expect to have the new name and look in place within the week.


AES said...

Congratulations on your new name :)

Lizzie said...

Great idea! I remember you mentioning this some while back, when BEST were discussing the Shop Name thing. It's great that you've found a name you both like, which shows that the shop/business is a joint effort.
I Like "Badger and Chirp" - it's fun!