Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get A Deal, Fund Our Video, Learn to Make Books

To help fund our "Ten Book Workshop" bookbinding DVD, we're offering a discounted price on our live workshops. Interested? Read on.

Starting today we have twenty days to set up a discounted live workshop in your home town, because twenty days from today will bring us to the end date of our kickstarter project. And it's through pledging to fund our kickstarter project that you'll have this chance at a discounted live workshop. (If we don't reach our funding goal, nobody pays, and our video project gets put on hold till a later date - so even if you aren't able to pledge, if you spread the word we'd greatly appreciate it.) Details after the jump.
Two of our kickstarter project rewards are live workshops for up to fifteen people. Gather up fourteen of your friends and pitch in to pledge for either a Two Day Workshop or a Four Day Workshop. The first would cost $165 per person (about $35 off or more per person), and the second would cost $300 per person (about $100 to $200 off per person, depending on the workshops chosen) if each workshop is filled to capacity (maximum of 15 people). If you live more than 150 miles from our home, it will cost a bit more, as we'd need to arrange to have our travel expenses covered as well. Contact us and we'll discuss dates and travel expenses. email: karleighjae -at- gmail -dot-com

What your group gets when pledging for a live Two Day or Four Day Workshop:
  • Access to the first video cuts of "Ten Book Workshop" video with the ability to give feedback before the DVDs are published
  • Each person receives a DVD and HD download of the "Ten Book Workshop" when it is completed
  • A thank you on the video credits
  • Choice of live workshops: either Two Day or Four Day. The workshop options are below - mix and match to fill up the days.
  • All materials and some tools for each student attending the live workshops 

Workshop Options:

Creative Boxes
1/2 Day Workshop (3 hours)

Make a clamshell box for foundational box making skills and learn to create a variety of shapes, levels, secrets and trays with this box making workshop! Each student will build and keep their own clamshell box while learning tips and tricks for future box making adventures.

The Cordbound Book
1 day workshop (6 hours)

Create a Traditional Quarter Leather Cordbound Book using modern methods and tools. The cordbound book dates back to the 5th century and were introduced when Byzantium monks established their first scriptorium, Byblos, in modern Lebanon. The Arabs were the ones to bring this style to life with all sorts of decorative work, gorgeous gold embossing and clasp closures. They still make the most wonderful cordbound books in the world. With your choice of leather and papers from around the world, you’ll create and keep your own cordbound book.

Raised & Inset Designs in Paper, Fabric and Leather
1/2 day workshop (3 hours)
Give your books a little character! In this workshop each student has the opportunity to create 3 book covers with Paper, Fabric and Leather. Each book cover will have an inset or raised design of your choosing. Raised and Inset designs on spines of books are also demonstrated and discussed.

Exposed Stitch Books

1 day workshop (6 hours)

Celebrate the diversity of spines by creating 3 books in this 6 hour workshop! Accordion Spine Hardcover Book, Anne Goye's Secret Belgium Binding and the Double Needle Ethiopian Coptic Stitch.  

Antiquing Paper + Leather
1/2 day workshop (4 hours)

Create beautiful old looking books with new materials. Old books are lovely but most often are not sturdy. This workshop will show you how to antique the materials you work with to create an old world look on your newly bound books. Each student will have the opportunity to create small examples of different antiques to use for future reference as well as learn a variety of paper antiquing techniques.

Ten Book Workshop

2 day workshop

Description: Each student has the opportunity to create and keep 10 different books. We will cover the basics of bookbinding for beginners, but students of all skill levels are welcome.
The ten book structures are:
  • Single Sheet Books
  • Chapbooks
  • Japanese Stab Bound Books
  • Flower Fold Books
  • Accordion with Pockets and Sewn Signatures
  • Hinged Ledger Book
  • Circle Accordion
  • Softcover Leather Longstitch
  • Hardcover Longstitch
  • Tapes Bound Book ( A Traditional Hardcover Book)

Interested? email: karleighjae -at- gmail -dot- com


Lizzie said...

This all sounds great! Not sure I could stretch to flying you both over to UK though...
Good luck with the Video Project!

Karleigh Jae said...

I just sent Lizzie some great information on how to help our Kickstarter project and bring us to the UK to give live workshops for an amazing price.

If you're in the UK or Australia or anywhere else and are interested in teaming up with others to get great prizes like our dvd and in-person workshops please send me an email!