Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thoughts on Teaching

This is my littlest one, Ethan painting. I didn't have to show him how, I just had to make sure he didn't squeeze too much paint onto the painting. I let him once, squeeze to his heart's content, and he was very upset that a pile of yellow sat on his painting. So we had to scoop it off onto his palette which made him happy again. It would be wonderful if all painters could be as content when they scraped off their unwanted painting.

I've been doing an Etsy Workshop with some wonderful people in the area here. I've grown use to teaching bookbinding and so this Etsy class has been rather difficult for me. It's a learning process. I'll be teaching it again in the Autumn through Snow College's Continuing Education Program and I'm just starting to know how to deal with all the aspects of Etsy and Business for a 5 week course. I'm also contemplating a creative journaling class. I love teaching because I love seeing what others create and I learn a lot! It's been said that teaching is a gift to others but really, it's a totally selfish venture of mine.


Holly H. said...

Teaching is stressful but sooooo rewarding!

P.s. I Love the Sunglasses :D

Lizzie said...

I so agree that teaching is something you do for yourself, as well as for others. I get so much from my students - probably as much as they get from me, just different stuff.
I'm lucky that I have the best kind of teaching - I teach what I want to teach, to students who want to be there and want to learn what I'm offering them. That is the best teaching - besides teaching your own child, of course!
Your little ones are cute and I loved the story about the yellow paint!

Karleigh Jae said...

Thanks for the comments! Teaching is a wonderful opportunity to learn and we really are blessed to teach what we love to students who want to be there. :)