Monday, August 16, 2010

Cord Bound Books

I love cordbound books! This style is the traditional rounded spine leather book. They date back to the 5th century and were introduced when Byzantium monks established their first scriptorium, Byblos, in modern Lebanon. The Arabs were the ones to bring this style to life with all sorts of decorative work, gorgeous gold embossing and clasp closures. They still make the most wonderful cordbound books in the world.

This style of book is made with a sewing frame but it can also be done with simple tools and anyone can make one from home.

I do classes on how to make these lovely cordbound books. In the class we learn traditional and modern methods of cord binding.

I made this cordbound book last week. I actually made two and one book was used for a sign-in book and the other for a photo album:
Cordbound Sign-in book for my sister's wedding. Traditional cord bindings have straight cords on the spine which I teach in the class but this variation is easily done.
The top view of the book which has the Even Star from Lord of the Rings embossed on it.
You can see how well the cordbound books stay open. They open almost completely flat so they're great for sign-in books, photograph albums, sketchbooks and journals.

I'll be teaching this class in two weeks at Provo Art & Frame. Sat, August 28, 2010 from 9:30am – 2:00pm. If you'd like to attend please send me an email and I will add you to the class list and send you needed class information. The class is $55 which includes all the materials you'll need for your book, some tools will need to be brought with you.


J Rock said...

That book is BEAUTIFUL! Well done.

buechertiger said...

Wow, that book is absolutely stunning!