Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to make your own curved needles

Curved needles are important for sewing coptic stitch books. They allow you to sew faster and tighter.

This photograph shows my expensive $1 curved needle and my $.20 homemade curved needle.

Daniel took a video of me curving needles for my coptic stitch students. I can't find the video but when I do, I'll place it in this post. For now, I've written instructions below.

To curve needles you will need:

Straight bookbinding needles. I use a darning size 1.
Two pairs of Pliers
A candle or a gas burner
A plate or something to place a hot burning needle on to cool down

You can use a candle but I use a gas stove burner. I take the pot rack holder off so that I can get in close to the burner. I hold a needle with one of the pliers and place the middle part in the flame. When the needle becomes red hot, I take the other pliers and place it on the other side of the needle so that both ends are being held by pliers. I then bend the needle to the angle I would like it at. Place the needle on a plate or on something to cool down. The pliers will be burning hot as well so set them down on a heat resistant surface when you are finished!

Props to Esther K. Smith for teaching me that one :) It saves money and works just as well!

I taught a coptic stitch class on Saturday at the studio above Provo Art & Frame. The students were wonderful and their books turned out beautifully! Thank you to all those who came!


Lizzie said...

Clever, but simple! Thanks for that, Karleigh-Jae; we can rely on you to come up with some good, inexpensive alternative tools! I may be busy in the kitchen tomorrow... and I won't be cooking!
Great post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, saved me headaches!

Unknown said...

Thanks! I recently started amigurumi, and it's a pain sewing on heads with a straight needle!