Monday, May 3, 2010

Collaborative Book Art Project

I've organized a collaborative book art project with fellow BEST (Bookbinding Etsy Street Team) members. There will be four books and I'll talk more about that on another day. Each group has a poem as their theme (written by a member of the group) and the first group's poem is by Lisa Asanuma. 

Desert lizards


Birds land on the back of an oil rig
hitching a ride
like it's any other dinosaur.
The up-down-movement doesn't bother them
but they don't know just yet
that they're not getting anywhere.


Its skeleton lay stretched across a strip of railroad
like a great lizard basking in the sun
and we could see clean through its bones
'Canada Pacific' and '
Union Pacific' and 'Pacific Southwest'
tattooed on what's left of its skin.


At night their eyes glow red and yellow
depending on the direction
and they're full of lonely people
desert-tired and far from home.

So, on Saturday I received a lovely prize in the mail :)

It's the first pages of about 20 that will be sent to me. It came from Duane of Surfbunny who is in group one. I absolutely love it! It's handmade lemon grass green paper! It was packaged so nicely as well as each page was individually wrapped in a clear sleeve with a typed page about the process of making the lemon grass along with information about the art piece itself and it has a business card with each page as well. Beautifully done!

 This is the view of the front and backside all spread out. You can see the beautiful natural deckle of the handmade paper.

This one is the backside of the folio and you can see the colophon was letterpressed. Love it!

This next photo is of the inside pages. The words were done with antique wood type. I think this is my favorite part as it really captures the feel of an abandoned train in the desert.

And of course the birds on the front cover. They were printed with photo polymer plates.

I look forward to get more prizes in the mail and plan on showing them off to you as they come in!


Useful Books said...

Cool! Mine will be on their way by Wednesday. Can't wait to see more!

Renie said...

how does one join this project?


KarleighJae said...

Renie- The project was announced through the BEST yahoo groups page. Once this one is finished and I get feedback from the participants, I'll set a date for the next one as I plan to do more!

buechertiger said...

I am curious to see with what everyone comes up! I plan to ship the items today - or tomorrow the latest, sorry for being late. Glimpses at my work in progress can be seen on my blog, too.

Thanks for organizing this, Karleigh Jae!