Thursday, April 8, 2010

So much work and so little time!

It's difficult being a full time mom and a full time bookbinder. I have custom orders galore and not very much time to do them. This week I'll be finishing several though so you'll get to view a lot of really neat books in the next few days. Daniel and I worked on these yesterday:

They'll be used as groomsmen gifts and their names will be burned onto their unique book. I have yet to burn the names in as that will have to wait until the kids are asleep at night.

I'll also be working on a baby album, a wedding album and finishing Lori's books this week (so much to do and I'm sitting here blogging!)


Lizzie said...

Glad you took the time out to blog... it's good to hear what's happening with you. I'm always interested in your work, as I like it very much.
Anyway, it sometimes helps to have a little witter on about how busy life is getting.. it can help to fix ideas in our minds, put things in perspective and allow us to relax a little.
Good luck with the various commission projects - the Groomsmen books are looking fabulous.

KarleighJae said...

You're absolutely right Lizzie. I do hate the muddled busy times though when I haven't had a chance to step back and refocus. :)

I've been very busy but I really do love blogging so I'll have to keep up with it more. Especially since I have a devoted reader.

Every time you comment, it brightens my day! Thank you!