Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Journal

This is my new journal. It's 10 inches by 7 inches and 3.5 inches thick. It has about 5 different papers in it since I used the leftovers from various lots. I also used all the messed up pieces that were wrinkled or slightly dirty or had a corner torn off of it. I'm ok using messed up paper and it is a good way to use it all up so that it's not just floating around my workspace.

I used the woodburner to do the leaves design on the spine and plan on doing more on the cover. I had to do the spine first though since it has linen thread on the spine and I can't very well burn around that.

I even burned my name into it. I love it.

And I love how thick it is! It's a hefty and very important feeling book.

This below is from a wedding album I just finished. You can click here to see the album and description. This photo below shows the burned in wedding date that I did this afternoon, right before shipping it out. You might want to click on it to see it larger.


MishiPhoto said...

You make AMAZING stuff, Karleigh. Jealous!

Lizzie said...

Awe-some! Looove that journal, it's Ace! The leaf design is so pretty and you did it so beautifully. I also love the stitching on the spine. Do post another photo once you've done the burned design on the cover... please?
I finally made myself a book of my own (other than a scrap album), for my bookbinding notes and info. It has my favourite dark blue marbled paper for the cover. It's cool (though not quite as cool as yours and definitely not nearly as thick!).

Conduit Press said...

how beautiful! I have a wood burner as well but have only used it on a leather cuff made for a friend from an upcycled leather belt...with the 'leather' I use I'm not even sure it will work, but I can dream of having books even half as beautiful as yours someday! I LOVE all of your books - as I just discovered them today after coming across your comment on my blog. Thanks for visiting, and I'm sure I will visit you often;)